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Jul 23, 2010

Yesterday Morning....

I went to Timmy's for some coffee and I witnessed something that really infuriated and upset me. I'm still thinking about it today and now I'm regretting not saying anything.

So I'm leaving and about to go to the door when I see an older fat fuck ask the Filipino lady who works there if she can wipe off his CLEAN table. She says sure and wipes it off, and he says thanks. She did this in a friendly way with a smile on her face and then went back to what she was doing as she should. As soon as she turns her back he utters a word at her rather loudly: CUNT.

Normally under the circumstances I would have instantaneously started yelling at this stupid piece of shit for a man, but I am sick right now and feeling rather horrible and I couldn't bring myself to do anything else but stop in my place and stare at him with a fucking look of death and utter disgust. I proceeded to walk out the door and around the front with my full on hate daggers until he was out of site. I think he got the message. I don't think he cared.

What on earth did this woman do to deserve to be called that undeservingly? Obviously this guy was some sort of a racist or a bigot.

As far as I am concerned this useless waste of the air we all breathe is a disgrace to this country, and he should be glad I was feeling so weak at the time because I probably would have taken the tray his breakfast was on and beat him to a bloody pulp with it otherwise.

Sad thing is, I was so upset at his blatant display of being a waste of an egg and a sperm I don't think I'm joking when I say I would have done it. I don't think I've felt instantaneous rage like that in a very very very long time.

He better hope to never cross my path. He won't leave with testicles.

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