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Jul 13, 2010

Meridional came out today.

Norma Jean is as amazing as ever. I love that they added a bit more of a mathcore flavor to some of their songs. More technical, slow, and heavy. Also, drop B tuning = oooohhhhhh yes!

In other news...

I am still damp from my unfortunate walk home. I was completely soaked through my jacket by time I reached the LRT station ONE block away from my work. It was raining so hard I may as well have brought out the soap and scrubber and called it a day.

Still can't try out my new lawn mower because of the rain. Grr.

What else? Oh, I had weird dreams last night. It involved a person from my not-so-distant past. It was really strange though, almost like a super bad omen on this person. Like something horrible is going to happen (or recently has) to them - and not the kind of ha-ha karma's a bitch sort of thing. I dunno, when I have dreams like that something always happens. There was a girl in my dream too. She was somehow associated with this person. I don't know who she is though. It puzzles me when I see people I don't know in my dreams, they always reveal themselves to me later on and I get super intense deja-vu. She was shorter... had brownish/reddish curly hair past her shoulders, kinda chubby and had a lime green phone (the phone in the dream represented really bad news). It's bizarre. If I meet her I'll post a picture and say I told you so!

In my heart of hearts I really hope it's just nothing. I may have a sharp tongue, but I care about everybody no matter how much of a reason I have not to. I consider it my greatest weakness in all honesty.

What else? Oh! I got great responses to my article on Empire Building. I am super excited about it and will be doing follow up sometime in the near future.

For my Empire Avenue friends: What do you think of new market makers? I think it's doing nothing but promoting excessive spam and I hope they change their minds on this soon.

Anyways, I guess that's enough for now.

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