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Apr 30, 2011

Empire Avenue PLAYOFF Pool Update!

1 Goon Squad
2 Team Rock Your Face Off
3 Doug Is Not Gonna Win
4 SLC Scorgasms
5 The Pound
6 Scotia Street Oilers
7 BeerDogs
8 The Cuttlefish
9 Patman's Team SuckUp
10 Colin is the Bestest
11 The Awesomes
12 Zod's Army

Apr 12, 2011

Empire Avenue Playoff Pool.

This is going to be quick and dirty.

You pick 10 players from the playoff teams and one goalie. That's it. No trades so pick heavy on the team you think will win.

Everybody must message me on Empire Avenue no later than tomorrow at 5 pm MST. (my username is LadyHardcore).

Upon sending me your message with your picks you agree to the following terms:
1. If you do not win, you will buy a 5000 view ad for the winner with the text of their choice.
2. If you are in last place you will buy a 10,000 view ad for the winner with the text of their choice.

Scoring breakdown:
Points values for forwards AND defense:
Goals 2
Assists 1
Shoot out winning goals 2
Shorthanded goals +5 additional points
Shorthanded assists +1 additional point
Overtime goals +3 additional points
Overtime assists +1 additional point
Empty net goals +2 additional points
Penalty shot goal +4 additional points
Hat Trick +10 additional points

Points values for goalie:

Win 5
Shut out +10 additional points
If your goalie scores a goal +25 points
If your goalie has an assist +3 points

NHL Team Point Values

Wins 2
Shut outs 5


**UPDATE** We will accept late submissions however they will not be able to claim points already occurred.


Drumroll please!

So - now down to the business. Now that it is announced he will have to provide us the text for the ad's that we have all agreed to taking out upon joining the pool. Poor Victoria needs to purchase a 10k view ad for him since she came in last place.

More info on the playoff pool coming shortly!

1 Doug Is Not Gonna Win 1910
2 Sydney's a Girls Name 1864
3 SLC Scorgasms 1810
4 Goose's Bowel Problem 1799
5 Merlin's Empire 1732
6 The Pros 1721
6 Tundra Vengeance 1721
8 Mik's Team 1713
9 Team Rock Your Face Off 1675
10 Wait, it's a game on ICE? 1658
11 PHOENIX 1637
12 Sens Plus Some Douchebags 1606
13 Chiefs 1596
14 Woofers 1594
15 HERPDURP 1521
16 Toothy Critters 1476
17 The Panda Express 1459

Apr 1, 2011

Commencing in crazyland.

So for those of you wondering why I won't be around as much over the next month - I'm working two jobs. I am probably going to be working 7 days a week and 12 hours per day (not including the 2 hours each way in transportation time). So yeah.

I will make every effort to make it to 100 on Empire Avenue and I will make time to keep my stats up (even if it kills me).

Love you guys.