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Jul 21, 2010

The more I learn...

...the more I thank God I avoided further catastrophe.

I found out who the girl in my dream is. A friend read my blog and knew instantly.

Oh sweetie. I feel so horrible for you becoming the next victim and you will never even know. You're so pretty! You look like a girl I'd like too. Let's hope you're smart and catch on real quick. Poor girl will probably never see it coming.

I will never be that weak again. Valuable lesson learned.

PS: Douchefuck if you're going to "cheat" on somebody - don't do it with a bloody LOUDMOUTH. If it got back to me of all people - unsolicited - think of how fast she is going to find out!

But don't worry. Secret's safe with me. ;)

I'll behave. For now.

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