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Jul 7, 2010

So today was kind of hurty and emotional.

I had super intense muscle spasms starting at 3 am last night. My Achilles tendons were causing my calf muscles to seize. I literally woke up screaming it hurt so badly.

It happens whenever I do too much - like walk too fast, or go up one too many stairs. It sucks so badly.

So I could barely even get out of my bed this morning because every time I even tried to move it would spasm. I ended up staying home and not going to work because I couldn't even effing walk. I deal with pain every day. It's nothing new to me, but this week had been particularly bad for me for some reason. I think trying to use a push lawn mower has a lot to do with it. I hadn't felt this bad in quite a while.

When I was little a doctor made a negligent mistake that is the reason why I have all these problems now. My Dad had brought up this doctor on my facebook wall and I saw a site with a whole bunch of comments from other patients who this doctor (Antonio Preto) has also ruined their lives. It made me cry. It makes me feel so angry that this dick is still practicing medicine with much the same result. How come he still has a license?

Anyways, at least the day will end on a happier note for me. Thanks to my friends on Empire Avenue - Lance in particular. Thanks for making me smile babe and taking my mind off all the other unpleasant crap going on!