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May 30, 2010

Lets see how I did this weekend:

Top Stocks: 26
Top People Stocks: 21
Richest (All): 11
Richest People: 6
Top in Entertainment: 4
Top People in Entertainment: 3
Top in Music: 3
Top People in Music: 3

May 29, 2010

May 28, 2010

Dear Guinea Pig Murderer:

How utterly cowardly of you.

I never quite understood how somebody could possibly have it in their hearts to hurt an animal. I do eat meat, but I would like to think that regulations in place attempt to make the killing of animals for meat as humane as possible.

I don't understand what somebody would have to gain from doing this, or what point they would have to make. The only point you make by doing something like this is that YOU have serious issues and should be locked away in order to keep the rest of society (and it's innocent animals) safe.

Over 60 guinea pigs were poisoned. I don't know if any of my readers have owned a guinea pig, but I have and they are gentle creatures who bring a lot of joy to a household (or in this case a zoo). They are intelligent - they will make sounds whenever a bag ruffles or you go near your fridge because they are smart enough to know that you do that before you give them food. They purr when you pet them, they are very social. They love to swim and play. They have the ability to know their names and when you say their name, even indirectly in a conversation within their vacinity, they will start making sounds in excitement because they heard their name and knew it was them.

To the person who did this: I hope each and every one of them haunt you.

May 26, 2010

Let's see what kind of damage was done:

Top Stocks: 28
Top People Stocks: 23 (ouch)
Richest (All): 16
Richest People: 7
Top in Entertainment: 5
Top People in Entertainment: 4
Top in Music: 3
Top People in Music: 3 (double ouch)

TOP DAILY LOSERS: 15 (triple ouch)

In all, really depressing. :(

So glad to be home!

What a crazy insane day at work. I don't think I came up for air once. Two more days to go.

I am a) starving, b) really hot, c) glad I made the bus, and d) could easily go to bed already.

Oh, and since it is too warm for clothes in my house I thought I would share the fact that I am currently naked and only wearing a sheet.


That should get more viewers... :P

May 24, 2010

Oooh I got a new follower!

Hi new follower!!

So basically I hate long weekends because they hinder my evil plan for internet domination.

Stupid people who are out camping freezing their asses off. CAMPING IS FOR CANADA DAY LONG WEEKEND when you live in Alberta. Durrr.

I fully expect a more than spectacular recovery tomorrow.


If anybody has any updates to "The Directory" please let me know. I'm sure there have been changes/newcomers since it's been made.

May 22, 2010

So there was a glitch on Empire Avenue last night.

Everybody's stocks tanked, including mine.

So lets see how much I can recover on the charts today:

Top Stocks: 13
Top People Stocks: 10
Richest People: 11
Top in Entertainment: 4
Top People in Entertainment: 3
Top in Music: 1
Top People in Music: 1 *phew still at the top*

Hopefully I can make some gains today cause I R ANGRY.

May 20, 2010

Let's see how I did today:

Top Stocks: 17
Top People Stocks: 14
Richest People: 9
Top in Entertainment: 3
Top People in Entertainment: 3
Top in Music: NUMBER ONE!!
Top People in Music: NUMBER ONE!!!!
Top Daily Gainers (All): 16
Top Daily Gainers (People): 13

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! Teehee.


Thanks subconscious!

I really love nightmares about work. It's like not getting to sleep at all!

May 19, 2010

So first full day back:

...and the results are:

Top Stocks: 29
Top People Stocks: 24
Richest (All): 19
Richest People: 8!
Top in Entertainment: 6
Top People in Entertainment: 5
Top in Music: 2
Top People in Music: 2
Top Daily Gainers (All): 8
Top Daily Gainers (People): 5


CBC News - World - Pakistan blocks Facebook

CBC News - World - Pakistan blocks Facebook

Thoughts? Comments?

I'm pretty sure the internet will implode:

"Twitter is over capacity.
Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again."



Clearly, when I have the internet I am the awesomest.

Now I am back on track on my evil plan for Empire Avenue domination. Mwahahahahahaha.

PS: Thanks to those who helped me from completely tanking when I was without power. It was super appreciated. Especially Mik, Evan and Chelsea. xoxo

May 18, 2010

I have power again!

Big fuck you to EPCOR!

So after FOUR DAYS without - I call AGAIN - this time to be told that the person who I spoke to on Friday didn't actually submit the work order to reconnect me. He had told me 24 hours.

I called yesterday and did they care to tell me this bit of information? Nope!

SOOOO. Today after calling 2 numbers and having to go back and fourth 5 TIMES I finally get somebody to help me and just a few minutes ago somebody came to restore power.

How long did it take them? 30 seconds.

The lady on the other line said she would complain if she were me. You bet your bottom dollar I'm complaining.

So, RAHIM from EPCOR - you are a fucking useless invalid douchebag and you should be acid and woodchipper'd.

That is all.

Still no power.

It's been 4 days.
I think EPCOR should be forced to buy a couple thousand shares in me on Empire Avenue. lol

May 16, 2010

Anybody want to make a wager?

On the date and time Epcor will restore my power?

Closest to date and time = I'll buy more stocks in you.

One day without internet.

...and my stocks plummet. If you can, invest in me and help me keep it up - when I have internet (power) again I'll be back to gaining 2 points a day so better buy me while it's low, right? lol

Still no power. I have no idea when EPCOR is going to come, but they told me 24 hours and it's been nearly 48. I doubt they'll be doing it today since it's Sunday.

Alberta has the most crooked utility companies. They should be regulated better.

May 14, 2010

I hate Epcor.

So, I got home today with groceries (frozen goods at that) in hand to find out my power was completely shut off WITHOUT NOTICE.

So now I am back at work because obviously there is nothing to do at home so I may as well do something here, right?

Oh - they said I may have to wait until Tuesday to be reconnected. Great!!!

Today I am le sad. It's sad when you work full time and your job makes a decision that costs you to make nearly $300.00 per month less, and now you cannot even afford the basic things you need in order to live.

I just want to cry.

I've been unable to find a second job because I live in a remote area and I am limited by our transit. I feel like there is no way out right now.

Words cannot even begin to describe how bad it's been for me over the past year. If it wasn't for me saying it now, many people would have no idea about the conditions I've been living in, and how strong and crafty I have been forced to become. Unfortunately this recent thing is only the tip of the iceberg.

I just want something good to happen to me for once.

Is that a lot to ask for?

I guess so.

May 13, 2010

The Directory.

So everybody seems to be having a hard time of keeping track of blogs, twitter accounts, empire avenue accounts, etc... from my group of ppl from Nex (and a couple of others too).

So thus The Directory is born.

I will say this in advance, if any of you want this info removed, or want info added don't hesitate and I shall comply. If I forgot you, I am very sorry. Please let me know.

...and so we begin.

Eleanor T (me)
Empire Avenue Ticker: LDYHXC
Twitter: LadyHardcore
Blog: Click Here
Myspace: Click Here
Last.fm: Click Here
Nexopia: Click Here
Youtube: Click Here
Pogo: LadyHardcore005

Rock Your Face Off Entertainment
Empire Avenue Ticker: NOFACE
Twitter: NoFacesAllowed
Blog: Click Here
Facebook: Search "Rock Your Face Off Entertainment"

British Columbian Metal
Empire Avenue Ticker: METAL
Twitter: BCMetal
Blog: Click Here
Facebook: Search "British Columbian Metal"

Russell T
Blog: Click Here
Blog: Click Here

Dead Center
Facebook: Search "Dead Center"

Mik B
Empire Avenue Ticker: MIKBRA
Twitter: 1m3i3k7
Blog: Click Here

Evan W
Empire Avenue Ticker: ROARK
Twitter: SilentCoyote
Blog: Click Here

George R
Empire Avenue Ticker: GIRIHG
Twitter: 1sharpone
Blog: Click Here

Brady M
Empire Avenue Ticker: BMAC
Twitter: burninggoats

Brit L
Empire Avenue Ticker: BRITL
Twitter: britl
Blog: Click Here

Josh C
Empire Avenue Ticker: JCO
Twitter: thefrymaster
Blog: Click Here

Mindy G
Empire Avenue Ticker: MINDL
Twitter: MindyGee

Rachel S
Empire Avenue Ticker: SWEETP
Twitter: sweet_pea00

Andrew L
Empire Avenue Ticker: NARNIA
Twitter: alittler
Blog: Click Here

Tyler B
Empire Avenue Ticker: TRBM

Mark S
Empire Avenue Ticker: MAS

That's all she wrote for now.


I hate suffering due to someone else's vanity.

I have been absolutely suffering since this afternoon. I have such a horrible headache. I have even taken the highest dose of Motrin you can get without a prescription. I'm still nearly in tears from this headache.


Because somebody in my office thought it would be a good idea to wear entirely too much cologne - a musk scent at that. One that I happen to be allergic to.

I don't get why guys do this. Even though the smell was gross imo, even if he wore an acceptable level my head would have been spared.

Rule of thumb for guys who insist of wearing this shit:
1) Most women do not enjoy musky scents. It's a fact. It is why you will rarely see a woman purchasing or wearing that sort of perfume. Those who do = get hate daggers from me too.

2) You do NOT need to wear a lot of it. JUST A SMALL DAB.

3) If YOU can smell is strongly, then you've put on too much.

4) If people can smell you before or after you walk by - you've put on too much.

5) Fuck you for making me this miserable right now.

Not cool.

Yesterday's Accomplishments on Empire Avenue:

These are the leader lists I made this morning:

Top People Stocks: Number 43
Top Most Recent Stocks: Number 7
Top Most Recent People: Number 6
Top In Music: Number 6
Top People In Music: Number 5
Top In Entertainment: Number 10
Top People In Entertainment: Number 8

May 12, 2010


I am very pleased that Montreal has advanced!

Now that the Canucks are out - I'm hoping the Habs win!

Fancy New Accomplishments.

Because according to the internet I am awesome.

Today I made the following lists:

Top Gainers (All): NUMBER 8
Top Gainers (People): NUMBER 7!!
Top Most Recent Stocks: Number 17
Top Most Recent People: Number 11

I will be checking again at closing tonight and I will most definitely post updates!
I'm thrilled that I am doing so well!

May 11, 2010

Broken hearted over the Canucks.

You guys played one hell of a season. I will always remember.

I'm sad they're out, but they played hard and I can't be upset at the great season they had. Canucks for the cup next year!

Also, Salo is a champ.

/le sigh.

A real player will bust his balls for the team.

Get well soon Sammy!!


CBC News - Montreal - 4 missing after Quebec home falls in sinkhole

CBC News - Montreal - 4 missing after Quebec home falls in sinkhole

Holy smokes. You know things suck when the ground beneath you opens up and swallows you whole.

Here's hoping that everybody is found safe and alive.

May 10, 2010

It's almost bedtime.

Thanks to George, Andrew, Mik, and Rachel for making this evening interesting.

Excellent Day for Social Networking

I expanded my portfolio on EmpireAvenue - I know I'm being a dork about it... but I am really enjoying this.

Also, for the company I am offering my first band a management deal. Very excited.

For those of you who are following me, please be sure to follow my brother Russell's two blogs: British Columbia Metal, and Straight-Hate.

Ta ta for now.

May 9, 2010

I am going to replace this with my Nexopia blog.

Should I transfer content over? Yay/Nay?

Please ignore this:


Also, I am in love with this song:

I just joined Empire Avenue

My ticker is LDYHXC - please invest in me.

Also, if you would like an invite to this site please let me know.