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Jul 19, 2010

So yesterday was good.

I spent the entire day with Suzanne and Nick. We chilled at West Edmonton Mall and then went and did Nick's hair. By time we got to Clareview the hail was coming down so hard, I got pelted in the head a couple of times pretty decently, and then by time we ran from the train to the bus we were all soaked. It was crazy thunder and lightning out. Going to their house was even worse, the street was pretty much a creek with ankle deep water. I think my shoes are probably still wet. I bleached Nick's hair and made his mohawk purple at the roots and then blue at the tips (but it gradients out). It looked really sweet.

Now everybody has purple and blue hair except me. :(
Oh well. I like the good 'ol red.

It was a really good day and I think we all have to do it again - although next time I want Nick to go on the mindbender!

So as for today: Woke up with a headache. Stepped on a shard of glass and bled everywhere, and realized I'm finally feeling a bit hungry but I have no food in the house. Great start to the day! Really. Why can't I have two good days in a row? Oh, and it is still raining. When will we get summer? I dislike how this year is perpetual winter then Vancouver weather.

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