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Jun 16, 2011

Empire Avenue Hockey Playoff Pool FINAL RESULTS

1 Team Rock Your Face Off 369
2 Doug Is Not Gonna Win 343
3 Colin is the Bestest 324
4 Goon Squad 323
5 SLC Scorgasms 301
6 BeerDogs 296
7 The Cuttlefish 295
8 Scotia Street Oilers 293
9 Patman's Team SuckUp 268
10 Zod's Army 253
11 The Pound 220
12 The Awesomes 183

The only people to get points last night was Travis and Colin. Colin made a HUGE jump into third place last night and deserves props as such!

Although I am thrilled that I won the pool, somehow it doesn't feel very joyful for me considering the result of last nights game. I'm a pretty sad panda right now.

I'll contact each of you on Empire Avenue with the ad that I would like later on.

You guys can also expect a Canucks themed video coming from me in the next few days.

Jun 15, 2011

Thought I would repost my Facebook Status here as well.

17 years ago Amanda Matkovich Griffin and I were watching game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals with my Dad in our living room. We made Canucks signs and ran and screamed down Glen Drive when Trevor Linden scored both his goals in that game. At the end of the night there were two heartbroken little girls. Tonight = REDEMPTION. Mandy, I'm running out in the street for you tonight. ♥ GO CANUCKS GO!!!