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Mar 29, 2011

Yay! My 100 facts blog inspired somebody!

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If any of you that read my blog also decide to post similar blogs please let me know in the comments and I will post them in this post!

Everything you ever wanted (or don't care) to know about me.

So many of you have showed an interest in wanting to know more about what makes me tick (in comments, on Empire Avenue, etc…). I am completely flattered that many of you actually give a shit! lol

So on twitter a couple of days ago there was a trending topic: #100factsaboutme. I started having a bit of fun with it and got a positive response to several of the facts that I had tweeted about myself, so I figured I would turn this into a blog. Now, I’m honestly not even sure I can come up with 100 facts about myself (this may be a challenge), however you never know until you try!

Many of the things that I am about to post are things that not even my closest friends or family probably know about me, while others might be more obvious. While I am an open book about things going on in my life, I tend to stay away from sharing a lot of about myself in general.

So without further ado, my tell-all - 100 facts about yours truly!
(P.S. If any of you actually read ALL of this I will be very surprised)

1. I was born with bilateral club foot.
2. When I was two my older brother gave me a small keyboard. Shortly after I was playing songs I heard on the radio by ear AND was transposing them into different octaves and keys.
3. I graduated high school early.
4. When I was young my imaginary friend was Peter Pan.
5. My first memory occurred when I was 5 months old. It still freaks my Mom out when I recount it to her. I have many memories from when I was a baby.
6. I learned to walk with casts on both legs that went all the way to my bum. I wasn’t even supposed to crawl. I was a very determined baby.
7. I have 17 Aunts and Uncles (not including their spouses).
8. I literally have HUNDREDS of cousins.
9. I made it past the first few rounds of the first season of Canadian Idol before leaving – they kept us in a hot concrete room with no water for hours at a time and I hated the music anyways so at 11 p.m. on the 2nd night I left.
10. Joe Spring is my sister-in-law’s brother. My family was depicted in the movie they made about his story as we had all been searching for him.
11. I have still yet to see said movie above. D’oh!
12. My younger brother Russell is the male version of me. We have pretty much all the same likes and dislikes. It creeps people out.
13. I have no grandparents. My grandmothers both died when I was young.
14. I hate pancreatic cancer. It has taken the lives of two people who were very dear to me.
15. I keep secrets. Some of the things I know but haven’t said most people would not be able to keep to themselves. I’d rather be trustworthy – it’s something I value dearly.
16. I value loyalty above all other traits in friends. I am fiercely loyal and if you’re going to be a part of my inner circle I expect the same or else that person will not be worth my time.
17. I am actually fairly shy although it may seem to others that I am outgoing. It takes a conscious effort for me to not be in my shell.
18. I would NEVER make the first move with a guy. Way too chickenshit.
19. I have never confessed to liking a guy either. Once again, way too chickenshit. There is only one person who I have ever been comfortable saying it to their face and he is (or at least was) rather special.
20. I care a lot about everybody, even if you’re my worst enemy I still care about you. I actually feel as though it is one of my faults at times.
21. I love animals. I pretty much have a zoo.
22. I get extremely excited when I see a llama. I usually yell "LLAMA LLAMA LLAMA!"
23. I am a bit of a workaholic and I pride myself on my work ethic.
24. I play several instruments (all self taught) including guitar, bass guitar, and piano.
25. I sing.
26. I compose songs and have strong songwriting skills.
27. I will be working on releasing a solo album once my brother is here in Edmonton to help with the house.
28. I am in a band with my younger brother; we are called ‘I am the Culprit’.
29. My old band opened for Social Code several years ago.
30. I’ve was in several small musical theater productions during my teens including Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
31. I have lost count of how many bones I’ve broken.
32. I am terrified of spiders.
33. I am also terrified of rivers. I was swept away in a flash flood on a river and if it wasn’t for me and my friends strong swimming abilities we probably would not have survived. The undertow sucked the water shoes right off my feet (those of you who have worn them before would know how powerful it would have to be to do so).
34. I once had my head stuck to my shoulder for a week (ouch) in grade 7 and people still recount to me how hilarious they thought it was (but I sure didn’t) to me to this day.
35. I love the water (minus rivers). My mom swears I’m part fish.
36. I have mad skills on a trampoline. You suckers wish you could flip like me.
37. My childhood cat saved my leg. I had fresh casts put on when I was a baby and the doctor had put them on wrong. I was playing in the backyard with my cat and she bit my toe (on the other foot) so that I’d start crying and my parents would notice me. This is the cat which I would throw down a slide into the pool and would get back out and wait at the top for me. Never scratched, never bit me ever. My leg was already blue. As my Dad put me in the kitchen sink and started ripping my cast off, the cat didn’t want to leave my side.
38. Once I was brought to the emergency room my Dad knocked out said doctor above.
39. I have had THREE sets of front teeth. I lost my two front teeth when I was two so they put in implants, then when I was older I lost the implants playing hockey, and now I have my real permanent front teeth. Hope to never need another set.
40. I hate brussel sprouts and green beans.
41. I love tomatoes! When I was a toddler I would get into the refrigerator and into the tomato drawer and take a bite out of each and every one (much to my mom’s annoyance). I used to (and admittedly still do) eat them whole.
42. Just about every single one of my baby pictures involves a musical instrument, a made up musical instrument, me wearing headphones, or me singing into something.
43. I was obsessed with Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey when I was little.
44. We bought our first VHS in 1993 shortly after my brother was born. The first movie we watched on it was The Bodyguard.
45. My two favorite movies are Dantes Peak and Twister.
46. I am interested in Volcanology, Seismology, and Research Meteorology.
47. My dream vacation would be to go storm chasing.
48. I have a bucket list. It has two things on it: See a volcano erupt, and see a cow picked up by a tornado (it must moo).
49. Mount St. Helens is my favorite place on this planet. When she woke up we drove down there. We parked in the park (as it was too cold to camp) about 5 miles from her crater and felt her rumble all night. It was amazing. I encourage everybody to go visit – absolutely breathtaking.
50. I really really really really really want to visit Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas and Crater Lake in Oregon.
51. I have absolutely no desire to travel overseas. The only place that really peaks my interest is perhaps Australia or Ireland. I love road trips and my ideal vacation is right here exploring my own backyard (or the States).
52. I love camping.
53. I love Hockey. I have loved the Canucks for as long as I can remember. Go Canucks Go!
54. I enjoy going to concerts.
55. I am not afraid of a circle pit. I will fucking kill you.
56. I broke my eyebrow/socket in a mosh pit. I nearly blacked out and was caught by my ex boyfriend at the time (my boyfriend was there but was too pussy to go in). I regained my balance, and continued moshing for the rest of the show. By the end of the last band playing my eye was swollen shut and I was almost unrecognizable. The lead singer whose band was playing when it happened found me after the show and said he had to ‘shake my hand’ because it was ‘hardcore’.
57. I got my nickname (Lady Hardcore) from my friend Brad when I was 14. He said it, it stuck.
58. I never ever wear granny panties.
59. I am interested in psychology and have taken formal courses.
60. I have only lost at Texas Holdem poker twice.
61. I am an incredibly good read of people.
62. I am not a big reader. I do not read any fiction books whatsoever. When I do feel like reading, it’s always non-fiction. You won’t find a single fiction book in my home, rather many text books.
63. I tend to remember useless trivia – facts that I seem to pick up out of nowhere. Many think wtf but I always get picked for jeopardy though.
64. I love DC and Roxy stuff.
65. I have a tonne of Happy Bunny stuff.
66. Skurvy is my favorite Paul Frank character. If I could have Skurvy EVERYTHING I totally would.
67. I have a pirate bedroom. Not kidding. It even includes skull and crossbones curtains and a skull and crossbones mirror.
68. I refer to my trailer as “The Warship”.
69. I really want to own an Old English Sheepdog one day.
70. I would also like to have a Rose Breasted Cockatoo.
71. I absolutely love aquariums however I have a bad track record with fish.
72. My first fish was named ‘Angus the homosexual fish’. He was a male but was pink and purple. I dare not publicly repeat the name of the second fish I owned…
73. I have a plan for my dream company. It will happen one day.
74. You know how doctors tell you the saw they use to cut casts off cannot cut you? They’re lying! I was cut by one of those saws by a doctor. Wish my Dad punched him out too. lol
75. My wisdom tooth that was removed a couple of years ago GREW BACK, much to my displeasure.
76. I used to have my vertical labret pierced – I recently took it out. I do have double lobe piercings, and my anti-tragus, tragus and anti-helix currently pierced. More will come.
77. I still have not gotten my first tattoo. Hopefully this summer I will change that.
78. Nothing pisses me off more than double standards or reverse racism.
79. If you are a hypocrite I will call you out on it.
80. I enjoy canoeing on anything other than a river.
81. I haven’t gone fishing in a long time, however it is something I very much enjoy.
82. I love going caving! Currently I have not done any vertical caves, one day I hope to learn how to properly spelunk with ropes and do some exploration.
83. Coffee flavored ice cream is my favorite.
84. If there isn’t pineapple on a pizza, I’m not interested.
85. I had Indian food for the first time this year. I love it and now make butter chicken regularly.
86. I cannot stand people who lack common sense. I actively avoid them and I do not believe that people who are book smart or good at school are more intelligent than individuals who have common sense. You can have a PhD and still be a dumbass as far as I am concerned.
87. My career aptitude test stated my ideal career would be a Neurosurgeon. While I think that’s awesome and I am fascinated by medicine and the human body I don’t think I have the steady hands that would be required for a job like that. I used to watch ‘The Operation’ while eating dinner though. If things had been different and I had the money and support I have no doubt that I would be on my way to being a doctor (however I am much more interested in trauma than neuro).
88. I love my younger brother more than life itself. If you mess with him I’ll cut you.
89. I am and always will be Daddy’s little girl.
90. I was bullied and abused tremendously during my school years. Some of the things that happened to me while in school (such as getting industrial glue dumped in my hair, a kid being paid to break my arm intentionally, my bike brakes being tampered with so they stopped working and I got seriously hurt, being held down and my casted arm being put into a portable door and them slamming the door on it, etc…) were completely negligent and should have never, ever been allowed to happen. I wonder how some of these children can live with themselves to this day.
91. I believe the horrors I faced in school during my childhood made me the strong person I am today; however, if any one of the people who did these things to me crossed my path I couldn’t guarantee they would make it to the other side. LOL. (I would never condone violence but they would get an earful that’s for sure.)
92. I only spent two weeks in Kindergarten. (I was pulled out and put into the next grade – the beginning of my school nightmare).
93. I dislike when people don’t use capitals and punctuation on the internet. I don’t expect to see perfect English all the time; however, I also don’t think you should present yourself to the world as a bloody illiterate invalid.
94. I do believe you can FEEL THE WRATH OF MY CAPITAL LETTERS! Hahaha.
95. My dream in life is and always will be to become a successful musician.
96. I have never traveled further East than Quebec, or further South than Salem, Oregon. I would love to visit Nova Scotia.
97. I collect elephants.
98. I really want to own a big, awesome, and totally out there styled house one day.
99. I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one. LOL (Okay, I’m running out and this got really hard after number 30.) Ummmm… I would rather be crazy busy at work than bored or not have enough to do.
100. FINALLY. If you read to this point, I should probably check for you in my closet or front bushes. Last but not least: I am not a star crazy girl, and I tend to not get boy crazy either; however, I would marry Spencer Chamberlain on the drop of a dime.

Anyways, I would love to hear some interesting facts about all of you, so you should give me 10 good ones in the comments.

Mar 28, 2011

No joking here.

Listening to the radio this morning and there was a song on - during the breakdown it sounded like my cat was being seriously injured so I ran out the bathroom looking for her only to realize it was the song. Note to artists: If you sound like a dying cat - literally - then you suck and should just quit. Thanks for the panic this morning. I appreciated it. Not.

Mar 26, 2011

Empire Avenue Hockey Pool Update

1 Doug Is Not Gonna Win
2 Sydney's a Girls Name
3 SLC Scorgasms
4 Goose's Bowel Problem
5 Merlin's Empire
6 Mik's Team
7 Tundra Vengeance
8 The Pros
9 Team Rock Your Face Off
10 Wait, it's a game on ICE?
12 Sens Plus Some Douchebags
13 Chiefs
14 Woofers
16 Toothy Critters
17 The Panda Express

Mar 25, 2011

Oh man. Thank you SO much for making up my mind.

For a second there I doubted my decision, but now he's just confirmed it beyond a doubt.

In fact, it took me a lot of will power to laugh it off instead of saying fuck you.

If only he knew what I had been planning. He'd be feeling pretty shitty I'm betting.

(For those of you who don't know the story, it's a couple of posts below).

Ever have that happen in your life? Have one pivotal moment where somebody says something to you and it instantly undoes years of attraction?

Guys, another lesson for you: There is NOTHING more unattractive than trying to control a girl. Nothing.

So - now I officially have no hang ups. Time to date the cute guys in my life (after my brother comes and I can once again afford to have a social life, of course).

Now I know it's time for me to stop putting my life on hold because of this notion that I'm going to go down there and everything will be amazing, because now I'm not even going to bother going down there!

Boys: Feel free to apply to be my boyfriend in the comments.

Mar 20, 2011

So I got asked out today... At WALMART.

Fucking classy!

So many of you showed interest in my tweet so I decided to blog this rather than share the story 50 bazillion times.

Basically it goes like this:

I'm about to leave (bagging my stuff at the checkout) Walmart and the person who does loss prevention let probably 30 or so white people through the doors no problem, and there was a black guy and his sister who were leaving - on the opposite side of the doors from this old fart. Well, out of all the people mass exodusing the store he walks all the way across to them and asked to check their stuff. At this point I was just about finished bagging my stuff and was watching from afar. They had just finished going through a line and paying - and they had quite a bit of stuff. He wants to go through each and every item in all their bags - which they clearly had paid for...and then pretty much started harassing them.

By that time I'm done, I walk up to the idiot and ask to see his security license - he didn't have one of course... so I told them that this stupid fuck cannot do anything if they simply walk out the store, they thanked me and did so. We're almost out of the doors and not 3 seconds later he stops me and goes "you're really beautiful girl"... and I'm thinking to myself OH GOD NO... and he asks me for my number because he wants to take me to dinner.

He was cute, don't get me wrong, but I'm not the type of girl to go out with a complete stranger, nor would I go out with somebody so forward. WHO ASKS SOMEBODY OUT AT A WALMART, REALLY? Seriously, I was in sweats, had my hair in a messy bun, absolutely no makeup on at all, and I was sweaty because I had been in a rush and was literally running around the store so I could make my bus - I wouldn't even date me looking like that. lol

Anyways, he explains to me that it's his sister that he's with - not his girlfriend and that he thinks I'm beautiful, blah blah blah and that he'd really like to take me for dinner or at the very least coffee. I declined to give him my phone number and used the 'I'm seeing somebody' excuse to remove myself from the situation. So he asks me if I am dating somebody who is white or black - I said white. He says "you should really try black". lol Totally obvious as to what he was alluding to.

Anyways, he leaves and I start heading towards the bus stop (by this time I've missed my bus) - and guess who pulls up in his vehicle! Mr. Stalker please date me! That's who!

He offers me a ride home. I explained to him that I live far away and it would be out of his way, and that my bus was coming soon (which it wasn't). He finally gives up (because I clearly am not about to get in a vehicle with a stranger) so he writes down his name and number on his receipt and hands it to me. Once again before he leaves he reiterates the fact that I should be dating a black man and he really wants to take me out and spoil me.

If he didn't come on so strong would I have considered maybe stopping for a coffee nearby? Possibly. So moral of the story is, if you come off too strong - I'm going to walk away.

Maybe it's a cultural thing, but every single time I've been asked out in public by a stranger it's been by a black man. I think it's my assets. ;)

Anyways, guys out there - let's recap: 1. Never ask a girl out at Walmart (unless you live in hickville); 2. Never allude to your penis size; 3. Never ever follow a girl after the decline; 4. Never try and use race as a reason for a date - big turn off. People are people, if you're a good person it doesn't matter what colour your skin is.

You will NEVER get the girl that way. Lesson learned.

Empire Avenue Hockey Pool Update

1 Doug Is Not Gonna Win
2 Sydney's a Girls Name
3 Goose's Bowel Problem
4 SLC Scorgasms
5 Merlin's Empire
6 Tundra Vengeance
7 The Pros
8 Mik's Team
9 Team Rock Your Face Off
10 Wait, it's a game on ICE?
12 Sens Plus Some Douchebags
13 Chiefs
14 Woofers
16 Toothy Critters
17 The Panda Express

Mar 19, 2011

It's been a while, I know...

Things have been super busy lately and when I get home I just don't have the motivation to post!

So what's up? Lots!

Work has been crazy and the next month or so is going to be a real test of my stress management skills. I'm hoping that I can get through it without freaking out or getting sick.

My brother is coming for a week in May. We're going to System of a Down. I'm really excited to see them play (for the 3rd time) and get all the prep stuff out of the way before he moves in at the beginning of July. He's going to be going to school here, and I've been slowly working on getting his room ready.

This summer is the first time I'll be taking a break in YEARS. I am really looking forward to it, but am apprehensive for when extended family is all together because let's face it - they're nothing but drama. They do nothing but gossip and put people down and fight with one another over the stupidest things. I made a decision about three years ago that I don't want them in my life (with the exception of two of my Aunts) and I have stuck with it. Their stupid as fuck spawn included. I will have to grin and bear it for the couple of days they will also be there. I hope Amy and Mari come so it's not quite so bad. I really really really want to see them. I miss them.

I was going to make a side trip to the coast while I'm there to see a particular boy - however last week he gave me an ultimatum and that just really rubbed me the wrong way. I know that's not his intention and he didn't know I was planning a surprise - but I'm not the type of girl who will be submissive to anybody. For some reason after he mentioned it for the 2nd time it made me come to a realization and made my mind up for me. I'm done. He's changed, I've most certainly changed, and after several years of wanting I'm going to simply put it to rest. Doesn't mean I don't love him, because I do. I always have. Doesn't mean I don't want to be his best friend in the world, because I do, and I always will. Just means that he's suddenly not the priority anymore and we're probably never going to be anything more than what we are. It's sad - but I have compromised so many things in my life. Even though it was something innocent that he said - I just felt like I have so much stress in my life, and so many people and things to be accountable too and he simply can't be one of them. I haven't told him that though. I just keep avoiding it. He's the person I go to in order to get away from the bad things in my life, and when he puts pressure on me it does nothing but make me do the exact opposite of what he wants. Maybe one day when I don't have these stresses in my life I will re-evaluate the situation.

Anyways, that's a glimpse into the past little bit. I'll try and blog again tomorrow maybe - I will definitely post a hockey pool update as I have had a bunch of people message me wanting to know where they stand. Sorry guys. Go Canucks Go!