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Sep 26, 2010

Who is in for Empire Avenue Fantasy Hockey?

Message me on Empire Ave and let me know if you are interested! (e)LDYHXC

So far we have 10 people - which is kinda pathetic. I want 20 MORE!

So today was good. I didn't get any of what I wanted to get done done but whatever.

I just found out my best friend and her fiance are coming to visit in November. This makes me UBER excited!! I am hoping my little brother can make it here for my birthday. I will be one sad panda if he can't. I really want to see Norma Jean and La Dispute with him as well. SO BAD.

So even though twitter was abuzz with hockey team rivalries (and apparently my facebook wall too... err...) at least everybody agreed that MAPLE LEAFS SUCK. Hatred of the Maple Laughs (as my dear hubby -lawl- Colin puts it) is the glue that binds us together as Canadians as far as I am concerned. Speaking of Colin... Buy his shares on empire avenue cause he's cyoot - and tell him to make me chicken pot pies please. Then join the hockey pool. (e)COLEAG

Also, buy Pat as well. I'd totally throw down in a pit with him. (e)PEEN.


  1. Except that i'm somewhere in the range of 250-275 lbs... i tend to be best on the edge or in a circle pit... the bigger they are...