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Sep 7, 2010


So - the big adjustment to stock prices is going to happen! I want everybody to COMMENT here and tell me what they think my price will be after the adjustment.

Closest person to the actual number will be maxed out (350 shares) by me unless of course I already own full shares in you in which case... nudes? LOL*

...and go!

*legal small print: no, you will not get to see my cooter*


  1. Let's say... 62!
    My ticker: (e)OL

  2. Oh yes - thanks for putting your ticker. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO PUT THEIR TICKERS PLEASE!!

  3. Wait, what do I need to do for the nudes? (e)COLEAG

    Oh ya, uhh 60e

  4. Colin, I dislike your guess because I'm pretty much already there. :P

    Since I'm your internet wife... >.> <.<

    I saw a blog post of another person and they predicted (e)Allie at number one and me moving up to number 20. I rather liked those predictions.

    For those of you who don't know, I'm (e)LDYHXC.

  5. Aren't you at 20th now? And, I'm hoping for the best for you ;) You've got this!

  6. I slipped down to 32nd because of the sell out slump/whatever the heck happened with them tinkering a few days ago.

    I like Christine's guess!

  7. Very precise! Don't forget to post your ticker for everybody to see.

  8. 62.22e ,.no need for the nudes ,.just playing for the fun of it ,.thanks though ! ;^) Hope everyone is happy with the outcome ,.as a semi-retired day trader I fantasize a bit about having enough time and data into the graphs to start being able to see the various technicals used for real trading,.also just for the fun of it,. cause now with this,.being real people and all,.I am just going to be a buy and hold type of "investor" ,.I mean really ,.do you want to start treating the people you know ,.network with ,.and interact will like stocks who's value to you is determined by how well they "perform",..I do not know about you guys ,.yet I believe there is a much higher calling put down before us as to how we are to treat one another,.strangers or not. #DoUntoOthers