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Sep 9, 2010

So why do you read my blog?

Do you like to hear my thoughts on Empire Avenue, or do you enjoy hearing about my personal life more?

I'm very curious about why people read my blog - mainly cause if I were me I probably wouldn't! :P


  1. Wait - did you just burn us?

  2. I read for both. I think that people's personal lives are very interesting. I normally don't comment on blogs I read EVER. I think sometimes people start to edit themselves or change what they post if you interfere. So personal from that aspect.

    The Empire Ave insights are great too but I would read if they weren't there. Of course, I wouldn't have gotten here without EAV so, full circle.

  3. You make a really good point.

    No Colin - not burning anybody. Don't take it that way!

  4. Sorry, I'm late ;)

    Well... It's rather because of the things NOT concerning Empire Avenue :)