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Sep 10, 2010

I had an awesome day on Empire Avenue today.

Thank you to everybody who made that possible.

Loving the twitter feeds from the site.

Has anybody been having issues with Tumblr updating on Empire Ave? I created and added it yesterday and not one update has been posted?

Also, anybody know how to acquire the rss feed for Empire Avenue itself? I'd like to have a page on tumblr dedicated to it (if that is even possible).

Alas, I am very green when it comes to tumblr and I find their layout, etc... extremely confusing and not very user friendly - which is the opposite of what I hear most people say.

Help? Pwease?? *pout*


  1. I hear you ,.I am as well pretty new to all this blogging stuff,.the best thing to remember is that you can not break it by exploring and pushing buttons,.and well,.if you do end up breaking the internet by some miracle,.I am sure someone out there will give you a nice reward (you might want to lay low for a few years though till most everyone else in the world recovers from their severe digital withdrawal ),.and remember,.as long as what you are saying comes from your heart ,.it does not matter what the site looks like ,.well ,.not for those who really care about what it is you really have to say anyways !

  2. I think my problem was feeds not updating correctly, etc..

  3. I finally got my feed to start updating again by using a workaround. I used a feed aggregator, Feedburner in this case, and pointed my tumblr's feed URL (which for the record would look like this: http://userid.tumblr.com/rss) there. Then linked that address (which ended up just being http://feeds.feedburner.com/myaccount) up to Empire Ave.

    All the missing posts came through within an hour or two.