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Sep 13, 2010

It has been a very long day.

...and I am getting very sleepy!

Work has been crazy busy lately. I also have been feeling like I'm coming down with something. I am hoping that we at the very least get one last blast of something that resembles warm air before winter comes - this was the most pathetic summer I have ever had in my existence!


If I challenge mother nature in my blog do you think she'll throw down back at me?

Just wondering.

Anyways - Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means I'm sad because it's not Friday. This weekend seemed to slip past me. I was so very sleepy for some reason so I kind of feel like my weekend was robbed from me a bit.

I posted a link to a CTV movie in a blog entry below this one. I strongly encourage you guys to watch it. It is absolutely heart shattering. I'm sorry, but if your cultural beliefs make you justify killing your own children - then your culture and beliefs are abhorrently EVIL. I do not believe that this is actually a religious issue, as apparently this happens in the Sikh community and other religious communities as well. It just disgusts and saddens me that such a barbaric thing could come from a group of human beings. To me it isn't even a human quality at all. To treat a person as your possession is completely wrong.

I hope they are all castrated at the hands of a woman.

I pray your daughters are liberated and learn how to fight back.

These girls are martyrs as far as I am concerned. God bless them all and may their souls rest in peace.

When I heard about the law they wanted to pass in Afghanistan that would ultimately legalize the rape of women and children - and allow their deaths by starvation if they did not have sexual intercourse with their neanderthal husbands - it made me remember the very reason why our troops are in Afghanistan and made me realize that this is something we as Canadians absolutely have to fight for.

I felt so passionately about it I actually wrote a song appropriately titled "Ladies Get Your Guns".

Maybe one day I'll share the lyrics, alas this blog post is too long now and I am ranting.

Goodnight all. I know I'm harsh and opinionated and not always correct, but dammit that is my fucking right and I am thankful that I get to use it each and every day.

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