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Sep 25, 2010

Awesome hockey game tonight.

They sure as hell better sign Morrison or else I will be so heartbroken! He was creating amazing opportunities. He IS a Canuck and he BELONGS on this team!

Luongo looked excellent tonight as well, and I think Henrik and Daniel are both going to be among the top goal scorers in the league. This year HAS to be our year for the cup.

Alberts played a solid game tonight, although I cannot shake memories of last year so I have yet to reserve judgment without more proof that he's changed his bad penalty game killing ways.

Tonight I am feeling more confident about Burrows being out for the next month and Salo being out for most of this season with his torn Achilles (Salo, I know and feel your pain there as Achilles are a BITCH and it's about time that you STOP injuring yourself - you're getting infamous for it!). I miss both of them on the ice though. I did enjoy Burrows commentary on Canucks TV for the past couple of games however. :P

Happy 30th Birthday to Daniel and Henrick Sedin tomorrow!


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