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Aug 8, 2010

So I was jamming and recording what I was doing...

I always do that in case I have some sort of genius moment so I don't forget what I just came up with. In there I had this little snippet:

Click here to listen.

Not my typical style by any means but I love the lyrics that I came up with on the spot. When people piss me off that's how I channel it. It's funny that this one was inspired by a person I came across on the internet. If she happens to read this blog I think she will most definitely know this is about her... but I don't care.

I write songs about people I love or people who piss me off. Live with it.

I am thinking I might actually take this random jam and turn it into something. Maybe name it after her. lol


She says that she is a lone wolf..
but that's only because she's a bitch.
I've seen her kind many times before...
always the victim - passive aggressive bore.
Secret is that you are only the victim of yourself.
If you thought of the things that you portray...
you would shut your fucking mouth!

Oh right your actions have no consequence!
Poor you when people react to your social incompetence!
With your liberal hippie bullshit all in a package...
you complain and feel self entitled,
but this time bitch you chose the wrong rival.

I think I might just keep it!

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