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Aug 8, 2010

My plea to my dear love Rudiger gets media attention:

Click Here For The Coverage.

Oh Rudiger, how I miss thee. Please come to me so I can get out of this tree.

Yesterday I invested several eaves in what looked like a squirrely fiend...
...he told me I was from his dreams and that my name spells No Real, E.
He wondered if I actually exist, and to my content he continued to persist...
...that I in fact warm his nut loving heart and for joining his cause I'm pretty smart!

With his loving words I proclaimed to thee...
that I wouldn't mind moving into a tree...
I shouted to the world it was him I would hug and squeeze...
..and to my shouts he seemed real pleased!
So now it is from me that you have heard,
I am in love with Sir Rudiger Esquirel the Third!


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