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Aug 14, 2010

I cannot wait!

My Mom and Russell are going to be coming next week!

So excited to see them. It's been 20 months since I've seen my Mom or brother and I've been very homesick. I am sad that my Dad can't come because of work, but I'll take two over none at all.

It will be nice to have help getting my plumbing working again and getting some small stuff done around my home. Russell will get to see where he will be living after he graduates and finally meet Lucy and the birds and Chloe. I am hoping to arrange a tour of NAIT (where he will be going after grad in June) so he can see the school and get excited for it. I think a few driving lessons in the city will be due for him as well.

I don't have furniture for them to sit on or any tables or anything, or tv... so it will be more like camping for them than anything... but it will just be nice to be in the presence of family.

I do think it will be sad for my Mom to see how I've been living though. A house with no drainage, no toilet, no furniture, nothing to entertain you, I don't have transportation, I bare shelves and and empty fridge, I don't have anywhere comfortable to sit or sleep, I don't have proper or enough clothing, my shoes are falling apart, I don't have heat.

I just really hope it doesn't upset them.

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