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May 18, 2010

I have power again!

Big fuck you to EPCOR!

So after FOUR DAYS without - I call AGAIN - this time to be told that the person who I spoke to on Friday didn't actually submit the work order to reconnect me. He had told me 24 hours.

I called yesterday and did they care to tell me this bit of information? Nope!

SOOOO. Today after calling 2 numbers and having to go back and fourth 5 TIMES I finally get somebody to help me and just a few minutes ago somebody came to restore power.

How long did it take them? 30 seconds.

The lady on the other line said she would complain if she were me. You bet your bottom dollar I'm complaining.

So, RAHIM from EPCOR - you are a fucking useless invalid douchebag and you should be acid and woodchipper'd.

That is all.

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