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May 13, 2010

I hate suffering due to someone else's vanity.

I have been absolutely suffering since this afternoon. I have such a horrible headache. I have even taken the highest dose of Motrin you can get without a prescription. I'm still nearly in tears from this headache.


Because somebody in my office thought it would be a good idea to wear entirely too much cologne - a musk scent at that. One that I happen to be allergic to.

I don't get why guys do this. Even though the smell was gross imo, even if he wore an acceptable level my head would have been spared.

Rule of thumb for guys who insist of wearing this shit:
1) Most women do not enjoy musky scents. It's a fact. It is why you will rarely see a woman purchasing or wearing that sort of perfume. Those who do = get hate daggers from me too.

2) You do NOT need to wear a lot of it. JUST A SMALL DAB.

3) If YOU can smell is strongly, then you've put on too much.

4) If people can smell you before or after you walk by - you've put on too much.

5) Fuck you for making me this miserable right now.

Not cool.

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