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May 28, 2010

Dear Guinea Pig Murderer:

How utterly cowardly of you.

I never quite understood how somebody could possibly have it in their hearts to hurt an animal. I do eat meat, but I would like to think that regulations in place attempt to make the killing of animals for meat as humane as possible.

I don't understand what somebody would have to gain from doing this, or what point they would have to make. The only point you make by doing something like this is that YOU have serious issues and should be locked away in order to keep the rest of society (and it's innocent animals) safe.

Over 60 guinea pigs were poisoned. I don't know if any of my readers have owned a guinea pig, but I have and they are gentle creatures who bring a lot of joy to a household (or in this case a zoo). They are intelligent - they will make sounds whenever a bag ruffles or you go near your fridge because they are smart enough to know that you do that before you give them food. They purr when you pet them, they are very social. They love to swim and play. They have the ability to know their names and when you say their name, even indirectly in a conversation within their vacinity, they will start making sounds in excitement because they heard their name and knew it was them.

To the person who did this: I hope each and every one of them haunt you.

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