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May 13, 2010

The Directory.

So everybody seems to be having a hard time of keeping track of blogs, twitter accounts, empire avenue accounts, etc... from my group of ppl from Nex (and a couple of others too).

So thus The Directory is born.

I will say this in advance, if any of you want this info removed, or want info added don't hesitate and I shall comply. If I forgot you, I am very sorry. Please let me know.

...and so we begin.

Eleanor T (me)
Empire Avenue Ticker: LDYHXC
Twitter: LadyHardcore
Blog: Click Here
Myspace: Click Here
Last.fm: Click Here
Nexopia: Click Here
Youtube: Click Here
Pogo: LadyHardcore005

Rock Your Face Off Entertainment
Empire Avenue Ticker: NOFACE
Twitter: NoFacesAllowed
Blog: Click Here
Facebook: Search "Rock Your Face Off Entertainment"

British Columbian Metal
Empire Avenue Ticker: METAL
Twitter: BCMetal
Blog: Click Here
Facebook: Search "British Columbian Metal"

Russell T
Blog: Click Here
Blog: Click Here

Dead Center
Facebook: Search "Dead Center"

Mik B
Empire Avenue Ticker: MIKBRA
Twitter: 1m3i3k7
Blog: Click Here

Evan W
Empire Avenue Ticker: ROARK
Twitter: SilentCoyote
Blog: Click Here

George R
Empire Avenue Ticker: GIRIHG
Twitter: 1sharpone
Blog: Click Here

Brady M
Empire Avenue Ticker: BMAC
Twitter: burninggoats

Brit L
Empire Avenue Ticker: BRITL
Twitter: britl
Blog: Click Here

Josh C
Empire Avenue Ticker: JCO
Twitter: thefrymaster
Blog: Click Here

Mindy G
Empire Avenue Ticker: MINDL
Twitter: MindyGee

Rachel S
Empire Avenue Ticker: SWEETP
Twitter: sweet_pea00

Andrew L
Empire Avenue Ticker: NARNIA
Twitter: alittler
Blog: Click Here

Tyler B
Empire Avenue Ticker: TRBM

Mark S
Empire Avenue Ticker: MAS

That's all she wrote for now.



  1. "Empire Avenue Ticker: BCMETAL"

    --> METAL

  2. And you can probably take off the funnies blog, I haven't touched it in.. well really, ever. xD