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Mar 20, 2011

So I got asked out today... At WALMART.

Fucking classy!

So many of you showed interest in my tweet so I decided to blog this rather than share the story 50 bazillion times.

Basically it goes like this:

I'm about to leave (bagging my stuff at the checkout) Walmart and the person who does loss prevention let probably 30 or so white people through the doors no problem, and there was a black guy and his sister who were leaving - on the opposite side of the doors from this old fart. Well, out of all the people mass exodusing the store he walks all the way across to them and asked to check their stuff. At this point I was just about finished bagging my stuff and was watching from afar. They had just finished going through a line and paying - and they had quite a bit of stuff. He wants to go through each and every item in all their bags - which they clearly had paid for...and then pretty much started harassing them.

By that time I'm done, I walk up to the idiot and ask to see his security license - he didn't have one of course... so I told them that this stupid fuck cannot do anything if they simply walk out the store, they thanked me and did so. We're almost out of the doors and not 3 seconds later he stops me and goes "you're really beautiful girl"... and I'm thinking to myself OH GOD NO... and he asks me for my number because he wants to take me to dinner.

He was cute, don't get me wrong, but I'm not the type of girl to go out with a complete stranger, nor would I go out with somebody so forward. WHO ASKS SOMEBODY OUT AT A WALMART, REALLY? Seriously, I was in sweats, had my hair in a messy bun, absolutely no makeup on at all, and I was sweaty because I had been in a rush and was literally running around the store so I could make my bus - I wouldn't even date me looking like that. lol

Anyways, he explains to me that it's his sister that he's with - not his girlfriend and that he thinks I'm beautiful, blah blah blah and that he'd really like to take me for dinner or at the very least coffee. I declined to give him my phone number and used the 'I'm seeing somebody' excuse to remove myself from the situation. So he asks me if I am dating somebody who is white or black - I said white. He says "you should really try black". lol Totally obvious as to what he was alluding to.

Anyways, he leaves and I start heading towards the bus stop (by this time I've missed my bus) - and guess who pulls up in his vehicle! Mr. Stalker please date me! That's who!

He offers me a ride home. I explained to him that I live far away and it would be out of his way, and that my bus was coming soon (which it wasn't). He finally gives up (because I clearly am not about to get in a vehicle with a stranger) so he writes down his name and number on his receipt and hands it to me. Once again before he leaves he reiterates the fact that I should be dating a black man and he really wants to take me out and spoil me.

If he didn't come on so strong would I have considered maybe stopping for a coffee nearby? Possibly. So moral of the story is, if you come off too strong - I'm going to walk away.

Maybe it's a cultural thing, but every single time I've been asked out in public by a stranger it's been by a black man. I think it's my assets. ;)

Anyways, guys out there - let's recap: 1. Never ask a girl out at Walmart (unless you live in hickville); 2. Never allude to your penis size; 3. Never ever follow a girl after the decline; 4. Never try and use race as a reason for a date - big turn off. People are people, if you're a good person it doesn't matter what colour your skin is.

You will NEVER get the girl that way. Lesson learned.


  1. So you felt like a bitch for saying no to that AFTER what you did for him & his sister? Oh, Elle. *shakes head* You are an AMAZING person. My verdict is no harm, no foul. You did good.

  2. Yeah, it was hard to convey that part on twitter. Stupid 140 characters or less.

    Oh well. I felt like a bitch at the time, I don't like turning people down. I always feel bad.

  3. A bitch?! You're a freaking HERO! Most people would have just let them be harrassed. Like I said, you done good!

  4. LMAO that was just a textbook example of "how to NOT pickup a girl" :D Do You have more stories like this?

  5. Hahaha I have been followed once before actually.