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Jun 16, 2011

Empire Avenue Hockey Playoff Pool FINAL RESULTS

1 Team Rock Your Face Off 369
2 Doug Is Not Gonna Win 343
3 Colin is the Bestest 324
4 Goon Squad 323
5 SLC Scorgasms 301
6 BeerDogs 296
7 The Cuttlefish 295
8 Scotia Street Oilers 293
9 Patman's Team SuckUp 268
10 Zod's Army 253
11 The Pound 220
12 The Awesomes 183

The only people to get points last night was Travis and Colin. Colin made a HUGE jump into third place last night and deserves props as such!

Although I am thrilled that I won the pool, somehow it doesn't feel very joyful for me considering the result of last nights game. I'm a pretty sad panda right now.

I'll contact each of you on Empire Avenue with the ad that I would like later on.

You guys can also expect a Canucks themed video coming from me in the next few days.

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