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Oct 9, 2010

Hockey Pool Standings - After 48 Hours.

These are the results up to the end of the day on OCTOBER 8th.

This weekend with more teams playing I suspect things will change drastically again.

Now, before I post this - let me warn you. It's a shocker.

Fucking Victoria and her God damn beginners luck. "I don't know who to pick or why I'm picking them" - MY ASS.

Rank Team Name
1 The Panda Express
2 Wait, it's a game on ICE?
3 The Pros
3 Tundra Vengeance
5 Goose's Bowel Problem
7 Chiefs
7 Woofers
9 Sydney's a Girls Name
10 Doug Is Not Gonna Win
10 Team Rock Your Face Off
12 Merlin's Empire
12 Toothy Critters
14 SLC Scorgasms
15 Mik's Team
17 Sens Plus Some Douchebags

FUCKING LOL @ COLIN. (As your wife I'm a little embarrassed :P)

I would now like to proposition that whoever is in last place at the end of the pool must buy a 10,000 view ad instead of a 5000. Is this agreed with you all?