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Jun 16, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

I am feeling better now that I have had two nights of sleep. Still feels like the issues I have to deal with are daunting however.

You guys should be sure to check out Mik's youtube channels (mikvlog and haileyvlog). I laughed pretty hard at his video of a hobo yelling CHANGE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!

Best way to ask for change ever. Seriously.

In other news, certain people are still laughable and bring me great entertainment. I am sure this is not a surprise to most, but I am still kinda pissed about a certain psuedo-intellectal try-hard invalid who thinks they are all self important but nobody really cares about anything this person has to say and nobody ever will because they are so transparent it's painful to watch. That sums it up, right Evan??

It's okay. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. My new song (which I actually wrote the first verse about this individual last summer ironically but just never finished it) is about this person. His name is right in the title. Like many of my songs, when you piss me off I write about you. In fact, my entire first album song's are all about specific individuals.

So I guess be fair warned. If you upset me, I will write songs about you. If I happen to love you I will do the same. If I feel sad for you the same goes. If I pity you - watch out.

I really realized over the past week exactly who will stick by my side and be there for me no matter what. A good friend is loyal and always will come to your defense without hesitation. I learned that several people are really true blue and the real deal, and I love and appreciate them for it... and to the idiot - you tried to fault me for it, but in reality that just means I am far richer in life than you will ever be in your pathetic unrighteously pretentious desolate fated life.

I don't take disloyalty and betrayal well, especially over something so stupid.

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