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Sep 17, 2012

I know it's been a while...

...But can I just say that this new post editor they have is absolutely SHIT? Haha. How frustrating.

Anyways, what's up with me?
Well, still playing League of Legends (like a BOSS) and have made some pretty great friends along the way. Still on Empire Avenue but it's quite neglected right now. I probably am well on my way to 200 million in the bank. At least I can say I'm rich somewhere, right? (Well, that and neopets I guess, but shhh! Don't tell!)

I finally posted an old song clip to Youtube (at Victoria's request). It's rough, incomplete, but generally a bit cut throat and awesome. Click here to watch.

What else?
Well Tish and Logan are coming very soon. They are going to be living at my place for the next six months. I am SUPER excited to have my baby sister here with me. Love that girl to death and I think we're going to have a wonderful time while they are here. My brother has his own place with his friend Tony now. He's been doing well for himself and I am proud of him! All grown up! Now his ferret Gooch has another cat to terrify that isn't mine, so all is good. LOL.

As for pets, Lucy is good and so is Icarus but my bunnies have me worried. Elias is so elderly now, I have a feeling that he doesn't have very much longer left. I didn't think he was going to live through the summer but he did. I don't know what will happen with Chloe if he dies because they are quite bonded to one another. It's a sad thought, but for a dwarf he's ancient.

As for League of Legends, if any of you guys play then hit me up, my username is LadyHardcore (surprise, surprise). I am frequently found on skype with friends while playing, or occasionally even found in the odd live stream as well. I will start posting links when we live stream so that people can watch and listen to our hilarious banter such as "the birth of the nounverb" or naming a ranked team "Eleanor is upset". If you guys do listen, it probably isn't for the faint of heart. We all have quite the dirty sense of humor and potty mouths to boot!

Anyways, that's sort of my update. I will probably come back a little more frequently now. Funny how you forget things like your blog exist when you're busy.

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