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Oct 10, 2011

Empire Avenue Hockey Pool - Regular Season

Hi Everybody - this year we will be using a pool manager and you will be allowed to have TRADES!

I need the following information messaged to me on Empire Avenue ASAP:
1. Your team name.
2. Your e-mail address.
3. How many days per week do you want updates e-mailed to you?
4. Your Picks. I need the following: 5 East Forwards, 5 West Forwards, 5 East Defense, 5 West Defense, 1 East Goalie, 1 West Goalie.

Because this year you can trade this is going to work on an honour system. I will check your picks frequently. Any person who trades outside of the East/West guidelines (for example, picking having 5 West forwards and only 4 East) will be immediately suspended indefinitely from the hockey pool.

The Stakes:
I didn't end up claiming my prize for the Playoff Pool. I'm going to up the ante this year because of this. Every player who plays agrees to purchase the winner a 10,000 view ad on Empire Avenue with the wording of the winner's choice. IF YOU ARE LAST PLACE - you agree to purchase THREE 10,000 view ads with the wording of the winners choice.

Please get your info and picks to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I will be inputting my picks tonight. Claim your points folks!

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