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Jan 16, 2011

Empire Avenue Hockey Pool Update - January 16, 2011

So now that we're past January - I'm going to start giving hints on how close or far the standings really are. Now it gets fun!

1 Doug Is Not Gonna Win
2 SLC Scorgasms
3 Mik's Team
4 Tundra Vengeance
5 Sydney's a Girls Name
6 Merlin's Empire
7 Goose's Bowel Problem
8 The Pros
9 Team Rock Your Face Off
11 Wait, it's a game on ICE?
12 Toothy Critters
13 Sens Plus Some Douchebags
14 Chiefs
15 Woofers
17 The Panda Express

So, your first hint of the day: Points difference from first place to last place = 213 (ouch for Victoria).

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